Everyday or moment, you hear people talking about these groups. I tried to read about them and want to share a few things with you. I wish Christians like you would learn from this. Indeed, I’ve compared this experience with the Christian life and think the Christian has a lot do.

In the circles of the occultism, Illuminati and witches, they have a common purpose and goal.They swear oath to abide by rules and regulations. Every member does well to go by all laws. For today, I’ll deal with few and continue later.

Each member of any of the group I’m talking about is punctual at all meetings. Whether sick or not,its obligatory to be at meetings. It doesn’t matter how far away one is staying from the meeting place or how busy or tired one is.

Apart from the presence, no member of the group is expected to arrive late at meetings.No one cares about where you’re coming from. Its expected of each member to arrive at the set time.Just even compare your response to time in line with your work,party,funeral and political party activities.

Christians claim we serve a better God and condemn these people. Ask yourself on your punctuality to your Christian meetings. Some people go only on occasions, once in a blue moon.With these attitude to your God compared to theirs,don’t you see there’s something wrong somewhere?Even if we’ll go,we arrive so late,sometimes when the meeting is almost over.We can give a whole lot of excuses to justify our lateness. Whereas its not accepted in their camps.

Remember that,the more you get time and attention for someone or object, that person extend same love and attention to you. Check your punctuality to God and He’ll also get time for you.


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