Every group survives on the members they have. In my studies on the various groups mentioned above, I realized that its COMPULSORY for every member to WIN someone to become a member of the group every year. One can’t be a member without introducing someone.


In Genesis 1:27-28, God commanded us to be fruitful and MULTIPLY.Because human beings are obeying this instruction, God started with Adam and Eve, but today, the world’s population is over Seven billion. Unfortunately, most of us are seeing this quotation only on the physical side.We must multiply in everything including the church. You’re comfortable introducing people to other things but why not Church?Your church growth depends on you.

Again, I realized that each member is rewarded and promoted according to members one add to the group. The Bible has told us that we’re going to shine in Heaven according to the SOULS we win for God.How would you Shine in Heaven, considering your current state in Christ?

Finally, its the responsibility of every member to care for each member you introduce to the group. Providing, visiting and making sure your member survives in the group. It’s like given birth. It’s your responsibility to cater for that baby. Others only come to give a helping hand.

I feel sad if I compare how these people we call evil are serious about their activities with Christians. Jesus said,”Any tree that doesn’t bear fruit shall be cut off” Kindly lift up your Christian life and take things seriously.


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