Good day.I’m still taking you through the experiences learnt from the spirit world. I hope they’re helpful to you.Today, I’m talking about arrival at meetings for the first time.


Among many of the groups above, new entrants are given a warmly welcome. In the Illuminati group, for example, new entrants are given money, which is contributed by all members present as “seed money” to help the new entrants survive and happy.

You can compare this attitude to our ordinary life and how the community handles newborns.Everyone tries to send something to the baby, as even seen in the case of the birth of Jesus.

In our case, what’s happening? New converts are left on their own.There’re some people that because of their lifestyle, they don’t have a dress to church. Some can’t get the next pesewa to come back to church.
In some cases, not even the members around the new convert would stretch their hand to greet him/her.When the church closes, old members “stand by themselves”, leaving the new entrants alone.These make them feel unwelcome, not needed or unimportant.


If people in the dark world are doing things to make ” New entrants ” happy, why are Christians, who’re to show love, rather not doing it?These are some of the reasons why we see people in our churches every day but they don’t stay. Beloved, we have a lot to do towards the Kingdom business.To be continued.


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