Another day is here.Good day.Another thing I found interesting about the groups above is their ability to make Sacrifices. In order to gain power and superiority in the group, one has to do sacrifice of all forms to be honoured.The more one Sacrifice, the higher he goes in wealth and power.


Some sacrifice human beings and must be a dear one(Wife, children, mother, staff).Someone whose death will “touch or affect you” Others sacrifice parts of their body(Private parts, hair, legs with sore etc).In some cases, some drink the water used to bath dead bodies, sleeping with mad persons, and, at times, donating to Charity(Please, I’m not saying donations to charity is demonic).These people do all these without complaints and enjoy doing them.

Come to think of the Christian who should know and do better. What sacrifice do we do for God? We sit in church for One hour and complain about Time. We give an offering of One cedi, and even that, it’s the destroyed money that nobody would accept. Everything we do for God is met with Murmuring, Complaints and Accusations. Some Christians don’t have the free will to do Sacrifice unless you create stories to convince them.How would you get to the top?


Remember the Sacrifices of Abraham? How far have you made to claim Abraham’s blessings? God himself had to sacrifice His only Son for the world. Jesus sacrificed His life to get A Name above all Names.
Politicians make a lot of Sacrifices to get to power. Think of Fuel, T-shirts, posters and tips they give out to win one election. Footballers sacrifice time and energy in training to become stars. I can go on and on and one.One can’t be at the top without paying a price or sacrificing something precious to him without complaints.I pray you learn something and start doing things right to get to the top in Christ.


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