Holding tight rope

Good day, child of God. I believe by the Grace of God you’re doing well and learning from the messages I’ve been sending to you.God be with you and bless you.

In the groups above, one thing they try to avoid is backsliding. They’ll do everything possible to maintain each member the group, no matter the cost.They do constant visitation to members, do one on one talks to know the problem a member is going through and see how best to help.If one person can handle the problem, he does it.If it’s beyond him, he sends to the group to handle. If persuasion to get a member back to the group fails, they can even use problems to get one back.


What does the Christian do?We don’t care about members we don’t see in church. Hardly do we visit them.Do we find out what our “absent members” are going through? If we do, do we help or gossip about them?A lot of our members are in the house and need a little encouragement to stand on their feet again in Christ. Like a car, they need a small push to start.

You can even think about the Whatsapp group that you’re in, Consider it as a church. Almost every day, you have someone leaving the group. What do we do about those people who leave the group? Apart from the individual members, the administrators don’t care to find out nor make efforts to bring them back Imagine your Wasup group as a church.


We must see every member as an important person in the house of God. We shouldn’t allow any member to fall off the Kingdom of God. Whatever can be done to help members stay with us must be done.The Prophets, Pastors and the various leaders we’re seeing today were once Church members.


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