Luke 2:52
“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man”


Jesus is our example in this world. In the quotation above, Jesus increased in four things which helped him in his life on earth.
1. Wisdom
2. Stature
3. Favour with God
4. Favour with Man

1. Wisdom brings understanding, insight and ability to make a good decision and judgement to do things right.
2. You must take good care of your body as to what you feed yourself with. Your body carries the Soul and the ability to perform any task.
3. Everyone must strive to get the favour of God in our daily lives.Your relationship with God determines the favour you’ll obtain from Him
4. God is Spirit and everything He does comes from a human being. To obtain the favour of someone is based on SERVICE. Jesus served, Joseph served, Esther served before they obtained the favour of some people.
Remember that Abraham served the three people before he obtained their favour of the promise of Isaac.

Your relationship with others around you is very important. Some people have obtained the Favour of God but they don’t have the Favour of Men to connect them into prosperity.
Let everyone who comes or will come your way be treated as an important person because they’re the same people you’ll need to get their favour for your blessings. Joseph was in prison but his services to a colleague prisoner gave him that favour which made the guy recommend Joseph to Pharaoh.

I pray that you increase in Wisdom, Stature, Favour with God and Favour with Men to be connected to a successful life.


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