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The scientists called Steven Hopkins Who said there is no God has been seen by a small girl from heaven seekers GH, branch in Germany whilst fellowship in the house started shouting it is too hot, it is too hot, at first the parent was frightened and later released it was something else when they began to record everything that their daughter said.He is asking for mercy, he had now regretted of all that he said about heaven and hell. He said there is no life after death, but in hell he was asking for all who believed in that he said, to repent and should not come to hell.Because hell is real. After his death about three weeks ago, went straight to face Jesus Christ. The had wanted to use him, but he accepted the deception of the devil and blasphemed against God.
Now in hell, but it is too late. He is crying it is too hot !! too hot!!
Pleading for mercy.But in hell, there is no mercy.

Please listen to the confessions in this audio.


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